Transfer of Marine Technology

The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) is a legal order for the oceans and seas. Part XIV deals with the Transfer of Marine Technology and is inspired by the Principle of No Discrimination: The Transfer of Marine Technology was placed in the Agenda of UNCLOS to ensure the exploration and exploitation of the seabed and the areas for developing countries.

Part XIV encourages States and International Organizations to cooperate in promoting the development and transfer of marine technology on fair and reasonable terms and conditions in order to help developing countries to access the benefits of Oceans and Seas.

Technology and innovation are needed to exploit the huge wealth that can be derived from ocean and sea related activities in a sustainable manner. Transfer of Marine Technology (TMT) plays a key role in the development of countries through:

Exploitation and Exploration of Marine Resources;
Navigation Safety;
Preservation of the Marine Environment;
Prevention of Disasters