National Ocean Policy

PRINTED EDITION under reference: IOC Technical Series, 75. Law of the Sea Dossier 1: Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission. National Ocean Policy. The Basic Texts from: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Japan, Norway, Portugal, Russian Federation, United States of America. Paris, UNESCO, 2007.

-National Ocean Policy of AUSTRALIA (“Australia’s Oceans Policy”)

-National Ocean Policy of BRAZIL (Decree 1265 on National Maritime Policy and Decree 5377 on National Policy on Marine Resources
-National Ocean Policy of CANADA (“Canada’s Oceans Strategy”)

-National Ocean Policy of CHINA (“The Development of Marine Affairs of China-The Ocean White Paper“)

-National Ocean Policy of COLOMBIA (“National Oceans and Coastal Regions Policy”)

-National Ocean Policy of JAPAN (“Basic Act on Ocean Policy, Act No. 33 of April 27, 2007”)

-National Ocean Policy of NORWAY (“Report No. 12 to the Storting”)

-National Ocean Policy of PORTUGAL (“National Ocean Strategy”:Resolution 163/2006 and Resolution 40/2007)

-National Ocean Policy of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION (“Marine Policy Document of the Russian Federation for a period up to 2020”)

-National Ocean Policy of the UNITED KINGDOM ("A Sea Change: A Marine Bill White Paper")

-National Ocean Policy of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (“US Commission on Ocean Policy. An Ocean Blueprint for the 21st Century” Executive Summary of the Final Report). Full Report