Elections of Chairperson and Vice-chairpersons and other seats of the IOC Executive Council

See the results of the IOC elections, 2013 

Functions of the Executive Council: "Exercise the responsibilities delegated to it by the Assembly, acting on its behalf in the implementation of the decisions. It may set up committees or other subsidiary bodies ... in accordance with conditions specified in the Rules of Procedure." The Executive Council holds two ordinary sessions during the two-year interval between ordinary sessions of the Assembly. One such session is held usually at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris (France) the year in June the Assembly does not meet. The second session is held immediately prior an ordinary session of the Assembly. The Council meets usually during one day on this occasion and acts as the Steering Committee for the Assembly.

Elections for Chairperson and five Vice-chairpersons of IOC as well as for members of the IOC Executive are held every two years during the IOC Assembly session.

There are 40 seats on the IOC Executive Council (1 Chairperson, 5 Vice-chairpersons and 34 Member States). The Chairperson and Vice-chairpersons are elected in their own capacity and must sign the appropriate nomination form. An elected Chairperson or a Vice-chairperson cannot be replaced during the term he/she is elected for. The Chairperson and Vice-chairpersons can serve for a maximum of two consecutive terms. There is no term limitation for IOC Member States concerning re-election to the Executive Council.

The next elections will take place during the 28th Session of the Assembly on Wednesday 24 June 2015.

Candidatures should be filed on nomination forms and duly signed and should be registered by the IOC Secretariat no later than Friday 19 June 2015, 18.00 hrs. [Please scroll down to see the current list of received nominations.]

Please note that it is not the IOC Secretariat that will determine if a nomination is valid or if it will go forward to the Assembly. This is decided by the Nominations Committee which will be established on the first day of the Assembly. The Nominations Committee function is only to accept and forward all nominations to the Assembly, while ensuring the procedure laid down in the IOC Rules of Procedure, Appendix I, are strictly adhered to. The Nominations Committee does not enter into any negotiations about a candidate or candidates in electoral groups.

The technical arrangements for the Elections of Officers of the IOC and other members of the Executive Council are provided in the IOC Rules of Procedure, Appendix I: Click here. Only IOC Member States can vote.

Nomination forms are provided in Annex I, II and III of the IOC Rules of Procedure. The Nomination forms can also be downloaded: IOC_Basic_Texts (or click the proper button below). The form should be sent to the IOC Executive Secretary.

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