5th Session of the JCOMM Expert Team on Maritime Safety Services (ETMSS)

28 February - 3 March 2017, Helsinki, Finland

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Agenda # Code   Title Author Upd. On  
ETMSS-5 Information about GDPFS Alice Soares 03/03/17
ETMSS-5 SMN - METAREA VI Alicia Cejas 03/03/17
ETMSS-5, ETSI-6 Inmarsat Maritime Safety Dana Jongens 03/03/17
ETMSS-5, ETSI-6 IHO WWNWS Brief David Wyatt 03/03/17
ETMSS-5 IHO Capacity Building and Cooperation Effort David Wyatt 03/03/17
ETMSS-5, ETSI-6 ETMSS-ETSI Opening Edgard Cabrera 03/03/17
ETMSS-5, ETSI-6 S-412 - Weather Overlay Specification Joe Phillips 03/03/17
ETMSS-5, ETSI-6 GMDSS and Polar Code Keld Qvistgaard 03/03/17
ETMSS-5, ETSI-6 e-Navigation Pilot Project Konstantin Ivanov 03/03/17
ETMSS-5, ETSI-6 Iridium GMDSS Recognition Update Larry Solomon 03/03/17
ETMSS-5 IUMI – an introduction Lars Lange 03/03/17
ETMSS-5 GMDSS Website Mireille Mayoka 03/03/17
ETMSS-5 Quality Management Implementation Neal Moodie 03/03/17
ETMSS-5 Marine GDPFS overview Neal Moodie 03/03/17
ETMSS-5 Marine Forecaster Competency Implementation Neal Moodie 03/03/17
ETMSS-5 Marine Assessment presentation Nick Ashton 03/03/17
ETMSS-5 TT-MEER presentation Nick Ashton 03/03/17
ETMSS-5, ETSI-6 SFSPA report Nick Ashton 03/03/17
ETMSS-5 Capacity development approaches for marine safety service delivery activities 03/03/17

Background Documents

Agenda # Code   Title Upd. On  
ETMSS-5 ETMSS chair report 03/03/17
ETMSS-5 The WMO Strategy for Service Delivery and Implementation Plan 03/03/17
ETMSS-5 Ad Hoc Working Group for Improved Marine Services – Report from Chair 03/03/17
ETMSS-5 SFSPA - TT-MEER report 03/03/17
ETMSS-5 SWOT Analysis AMCOMET 03/03/17
ETMSS-5 Strategic partnership landscape 03/03/17
ETMSS-5 ETMSS-5 (2013) List of Actions 03/03/17
ETMSS-5 IHO_WWNWS_Report-2012-2017 03/03/17
ETMSS-5 Report on self-assessments 2016 03/03/17
ETMSS-5 Timetable - ETMSS-5 27/02/17
ETMSS-5 Framework to analyse MetArea self-assessments_2016_ETMSS5revision 03/03/17
ETMSS-5, ETSI-6 WMO Report 03/03/17

Other Documents

  Code   Title Upd. On  
  ETMSS-5, ETSI-6 FMI map 03/03/17
  ETMSS-5, ETSI-6 Helsinki FMI maps 03/03/17
  ETMSS-5, ETSI-6 Hotels 03/03/17
  ETMSS-5, ETSI-6 Airport connections 03/03/17
  ETMSS-5, ETSI-6 Information note 03/03/17
  ETMSS-5 Action items from ETMSS-5 27/03/17
  ETMSS-5, ETSI-6 ETMSS/ETSI Summary/Actions 27/03/17

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