28th Session of the IOC Assembly

18 - 25 June 2015, Paris, France

The Assembly concluded its work on Thursday 25 June afternoon.

The full report of the Session is available on the bottom of this page. In other languages than English, the report consists of four parts and three resolutions adopted in plenary session on 25 June. The parts of the Provisional summary reports below are unedited at this stage.
Results IOC elections 2015: Elections have been held and the results have been posted on the website.

IOC Ocean Science Day, 2015: A scientific forum took place on 17 June to discuss the current challenges and emerging issues of ocean science through lectures and panel discussions. Find more on the dedicated webpage.

Evaluation questionnaire: Give your opinion on the session arrangements by filling out the online before July, 1st here.

Documents published during the session.

Location 125 Avenue de Suffren
75015 Paris


The agenda for this event is accessible by following the links below:

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There are 102 documents associated with this event.

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