29th Session of the IOC Assembly

21 - 29 June 2017, Paris, France

The 29th session of the Assembly will be held at IOC-UNESCO Headquarters from 21 to 29 June 2017 (Room II), preceded by a one-day session of the Executive Council (50th session) on Tuesday 20 June 2017 (Room IV).

IOC Elections 2017 will take place on Wednesday 28 June a.m. in room II. See here for more information.

The Provisional Timetable for the session. Additional side events are shown in a dynamic schedule further down.

Side event Schedule. On the top of the table below, scroll right to select the dates of the Assembly session. Click on an event to see detail like room location and responsible person.

7 Place de Fontenoy
75007 Paris

Organisers & Staff



The provisional agenda for this event is accessible by following the links below:

[View detailed online agenda]
[View basic printable agenda]
[View annotated printable agenda]


Provisional Agenda (IOC-29)
Provisional Timetable (IOC-29)
Forty-ninth Session of the IOC Executive Council, UNESCO, Paris, 7-10 June 2016

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