Ocean Data Management Training Course

27 February - 10 March 2017, Helgoland, Germany

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to a wide variety of earth science datasets, formats and analysis software. Students will learn and practice methods using a common ocean area, and they are expected to create a personal project of data products for a marine region of their own choosing. Personal projects are presented by the students at the end of the course.

Aims and Objectives:
- Provide an introduction to the use of free software for synthesis of marine data and analyses;
- Recognize the importance of good research data management practice and the role of data managers;
- Creation and use of multi-parameter marine data collections to prepare and publish standard data products
- Develop marine data and products from multiple sources using selected software programs

Location Alfred Wegener Institute, Biological Institute Helgoland
Kurpromenade 201
27498 Helgoland
Notes This course is not open for applications; course target audience: 2016/17 students cohort of the NF-POGO-AWI Centre of Excellence


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Group(s): IOC , IODE , Capacity Development , OceanTeacher
Label(s): IODE training course , Capacity Development training course , OceanTeacher training course
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