2nd Meeting of the ICG/IOTWMS Sub-Regional Working Group on the North West Indian Ocean

27 - 28 February 2017, Tehran, Iran Islamic Rep of

The Intergovernmental Coordination Group for the Indian Ocean Tsunami Warning and Mitigation System (ICG/IOTWMS) at its 10th Session held in Muscat, Oman, 24–26 March 2015, decided to establish a Sub-Regional Working Group for the North West Indian Ocean WG-NWIO) and elected Dr Juma Al Maskari (Oman) as Chair and Dr Nasser Hadjizadeh Zaker (Iran) as Vice-Chair. The ICG/IOTWMS further approved the Terms of Reference for the WG-NWIO as follows:

1. To evaluate capabilities and ascertain requirements of countries in the northwest Indian Ocean region for providing end-to-end tsunami warning and mitigation services within a multi-hazard framework and within the framework of the ICG/IOTWMS;

2. To promote and facilitate tsunami hazard and risk studies and research in the region;

3. To facilitate cooperation in the establishment and upgrading of seismic, sea level and GNSS stations and networks and communication systems in the region;

4. To facilitate improvement of the education programmes on tsunami mitigation in the region;

5. To facilitate capacity building and the sharing of tsunami-related data and information in the region;

6. The Group will be composed of members nominated by Member States India, Iran, Oman, Pakistan, Yemen, other Member States in the North West Indian Ocean region and invited observers, with a chairperson and vice-chairperson to be elected.

The 2nd Meeting of the ICG/IOTWMS Sub-Regional Working Group for the North West Indian Ocean (ICG/IOTWMS-WG-NWIO/I) will be held in Tehran, Iran, 13–14 February 2016.

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