International Tsunami Workshop: Recent tsunamis in the Pacific (2007-2016) - Improving tsunami response

27 March 2017, French Polynesia

The ICG XXVII session will be held from 28 – 31 March 2017. On 27 March an International Tsunami Workshop is organized by the IOC of UNESCO, the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (IUGG) and its Tsunami Commission, and the “Centre Polynésien de prévention des tsunamis” (CPPT) :
- Science session on “The forecast and observations of the recent (2007-2016) tsunamis in the Pacific”,
Recently several destructive tsunamis impacted the Pacific Ocean coastlines at local, regional and global scale, in particular the Samoa 2009, Chile 2010 event, the Tohoku-oki 2011 event and several events in South America, the South-West Pacific and Japan.
The session will focus on the analysis of the results of the new forecast methods implemented by PTWC and JMA and the innovative methods implemented by tsunami warning centers.
- Disaster Management session on “Improving Tsunami Response: Lessons and Initiatives by Disaster Management Organizations”.
It is essential that tsunami-vulnerable communities are made aware of the effects of and how to respond through awareness programs. In particular, emergency management authorities need plans, standard operating procedures and arrangements to enable effective response management and evacuations.
This session will focus on the lessons of the tsunami response during the last decade and the initiative for improvement.

Date of abstract submission: February 25, 2017

Location Hotel Le Méridien
P.O. Box 380595
French Polynesia

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