7th ODIP Workshop (and 3rd ODIP-II Workshop)

7 - 10 March 2017, Hobart, Australia

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This was the third workshop in the series of four planned for the ODIP II project. The aims of the 3rd ODIP II workshop are 1) assessing the progress that has been made with developing the expanded prototype development tasks that are based on the interoperability solutions that were identified and initially established during the previous ODIP project; 2) monitoring progress and new developments in the cross-cutting themes that are relevant to many of the on-going ODIP II activities as well as the wider marine data management community.
The meeting was hosted by UTAS and CSIRO and took place at three venues namely the CSIRO and IMOS Offices and the Old Woolstore Conference Centre which all are located in Hobart.

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Group(s): IOC , IODE
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